Eva Brobbel (Amsterdam, 1978) took lessons at several art institutes, like the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, MK24 and private tutors. 

Eva uses acrylic paint, both on canvas and wooden panels, combined with materials like plaster and fabric. She also creates ink drawings on paper with mixed techniques. Using a palette knife allows her abstract paintings to get layered and makes you wonder what’s under the, often black or white toned, surface.

Apart from artists like Anselm Kiefer, Antoni Tapiès, Jan Schoonhoven, Richard Serra and Gerhard Richter, Eva Brobbel draws inspiration from music, especially minimal music such as Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato and works by Icelandic Ólafur Arnalds and pianist Nils Frahm. This is the kind of music that allows her to paint from a state of flow. It is essentially the same state as while meditating or walking in a forest or climbing a mountain: a sense of oneness.

Eva: “It’s about that miraculous moment of silence, the second after the cellos and violins have finished and right before the burst of applause. That exciting silence, filled with energy, is the state of mind I'm inspired by. Under that surface of silence is music, vibration. Just like white light exists of the whole color spectrum. It is not what it seems and that fascinates me. How all is nothing and vice versa.”